(Sayeed, Qudrat, Mujeeb) Orphans that we have provided relief service and given them a new hope for a brighter future.

A complex web of factors conspires to tear young lives apart in places ravaged by war and social, political, and economic upheaval.  In some regions, children become addicted to opium and heroin in poor families, where parents do not know the dangers of narcotics and find them cheaper and more accessible than food or medicine.

Some children become hooked as they inhale a family member’s drug-laced secondhand smoke, or they are deliberately given drugs to keep them quiet in cramped living quarters. Others may develop an addiction when they are forced to harvest a poppy crop.

Orphaned and abandoned children are a particularly despised and abused segment of societies under stress. These children are subject to extreme deprivation, violence, exploitation, and coercion into the sex trade, trafficking of illegal substances and other criminal activity. Regarded as unclean and less than second-class citizens, many children turn to drugs to curb hunger and escape their despair.

We believe that everyone is deserving of compassion. We believe that the right kinds of intervention can turn the lives of these children around, and that the legacies of drug-addiction, poverty, and shame can be broken. We believe in a better future. That’s why we’re involved.

Our heart is to rescue abandoned children from extreme situations, restore health and well-being, and equip children and their communities to live abundantly.